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Hello Everyone!!

We had a lot of fun during my FIRST Solo Tour, ‘The Guilty Pleasure Tour’ and would like to thank everyone for attending the shows and making the first tour so successful and loads of fun. If you were not able to attend, we hope you are able to attend another show in the future.

For any artist, having the support of fans like you means a great deal that cannot be put into words! From everyone attending the shows and purchasing merchandise, to everyone joining forces and helping to ‘spread the word’ with the many networks formed, to everyone ‘sharing’ all the post on Social Media and anywhere in between. Your continued support enables Artist such as myself to continue to perform and bring you the music for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

While touring with Celtic Thunder, we have the opportunities to visit the many different cities and some of the grandest venues. It wasn’t until my FIRST Solo Tour, that I was faced with the ‘behind the scenes’ preparations that goes into each show! At times, it was overwhelming with the amount of work involved and gives myself a much deeper appreciation to the entire Celtic Thunder Organization. While preparing a small Solo Tour was an undertaking for myself, the detailed preparation for every Celtic Thunder Tour would be mind-blowing!! So a HUGE ‘Thank You’ to all involved with Celtic Thunder. The many months of hard work and preparation for each tour is greatly appreciated, and doesn’t go un-noticed! (Side note- who's excited for the 100 show tour in 2016!!??! I AM!!!)

During my FIRST Solo Tour, It was such a blast to get out and meet the many faces from Social Media, along with the many new faces that made each show such a memorable one. Again, ‘Thank You’ all that had the opportunity to come out and attend the shows, and hope it was as fun for you as it was for me. Your support and cheers were absolutely brilliant, and made my FIRST Solo Tour something that I will cherish forever.

I was able to put together my FIRST EP, with the wonderful guidance and assistance from Celtic Thunder’s David Munro & Seamus Brett. A very special ‘Thank You’ goes out to everyone involved with the EP Project, a small compilation of my favorite songs that gives a tiny glimpse of my Musical Personality. If you weren't able to grab the first time around, it will be available during this tour too!

The FIRST Tour gave me the opportunities to get out and meet many of you, and if you were not able to attend a show, I have some great news! The ‘Guilty Pleasure Tour’ will be expanding in 2016, so you folks in the Southern United States, Western United States and Canada will have opportunities to attend. There will be more details coming soon as the New Year approaches, so make sure you keep checking back. 2016 is guaranteed to be an exciting new year, with many surprises along the way.

I hope everyone enjoyed the FIRST Solo Tour, so what do you think about another one?! I have been working on a surprise for everyone, so here it goes…I’m very excited to announce that I will be doing a HOLIDAY TOUR beginning in December 2015! The HOLIDAY TOUR will be limited engagements and will include one of my closest friends and fellow JUILLARD ALUMNUS, Lachlan Glen. If you would like to stop by and say ‘Hello’ to Lachlan, you can follow his Facebook Page here . During the HOLIDAY TOUR, you will get to enjoy your favorite Traditional Holiday Carols along with some Broadway Tunes and a bit of Classical to keep things interesting. Are you ready for yet another surprise? If you find yourself around and about in New York on 12/9, Myself and my friend, colleague, and Power Vocalist EMMET CAHILL will be performing 'Christmas in New York' at LE POISSON ROUGE, in a duet performance! So be sure to mark 12/9 on your calendar for a night to remember, and be sure to bring a friend!

Everyone made my FIRST Solo Tour something I will always cherish. So I thought on my next tour, and would return the favor. When you purchase your HOLIDAY SHOW Ticket, your name will be automatically entered into a drawing. I will be choosing 1 winner for each show to join me on stage to perform a tune. If performing isn’t your thing, no worries. You will still have the opportunity to join me on stage while I perform for you, ‘OUR’ dedicated tune. I will conduct the drawing in plenty of time before the show and will give you an advanced ‘Heads Up’ of the track being performed. All to say ‘Thank You’ for all your support and dedication you have shown – I am truly humbled.

So the great news is out, and here is the link to the shows, with details still being added  I really hope you are able to attend the HOLIDAY TOUR and would love to see you there! And as always, hit that share button and spread the word so we can all enjoy the fun and surprises together.

See you soon!!